Moe Speaks: An Exciting Day

Today was SO busy. Mom and I went three different places, just the two of us.

First, we went for a "meet-and-greet" at doggy daycare. I'm going to start going there in a few weeks (says Mom) so I had to go and let the people there watch me to make sure I knew how to play nicely. Mom said I did well, but the people said I had too much energy to be in the little dog room. I wasn't sad about that at all though--that means I get to play with the big dogs, and they seemed like lots more fun.

Then, we went somewhere not quite as fun--to the Vet. I've had scratchy ears lately and Mom decided it was time to see what was up. Turns out, I had a teeny-tiny ear infection, and I have to have drops for a few weeks. It could have been much worse--Mom was afraid the Vet was going to say no more showers allowed! That would have been terrible! Thank goodness we go to a nice vet who understands that water-loving dogs have to have their fun. She only suggested that Mom dry my ears with a dryer on low when we get out--I'm not sure what a dryer is yet--maybe I'll be able to tell you tommorow.

Last we went to this new doggy store called "Pawsh Wash". They had lots of treats there, and they carry the new food that Porter and I are eating as well. They also had several big bathtubs in the back, and I was really jealous because Mom said she might bring Porter there for a bath this weekend. Porter doesn't even like baths! Why does she get to go for one in the special, escape proof tubs?