Moe Speaks: Something New

Mom went to the pet store without me last night and she didn't bring anything home. I know she was at the pet store because I could smell it on her. But it's so weird that she didn't bring home new treats or a toy....

The only reason I can think of for that, is that maybe it has something to do with this school that she's been talking about. I went to school once before, but this time Mom says we're going to a different school, and the different school is at the pet store.

My suspicions are further confirmed by the fact that both yesterday evening and this morning she was making me do things--other than my usual sit--to get my treats. I can't figure out exactly what she wants though. She's trying to be all tricksey about something, but I don't quite get it. She gets out a treat and hides it behind her back. Then she says my name. I try to watch the treat very carefully because I want her to know that that's what I want, but she seems to want me to do something else. Every so often I must be getting it right, because eventually she gives me the treat, but I can't figure out what it is that she likes.