Moe Speaks: School, Again

Tonight was my first official night of school--well, my first night of my new school, that is.

It was really lots of fun. We started out by playing a game called "Meet in the Middle". I think I might have come on a little too strong for the first dog I was paired up with, but then the teacher paired me up with a Rottweiler and we were just right.

Then we worked on a thing called "sit-stay". I liked that part because I got a ton of treats. I was doing pretty well--and paying very good attention to Mom--but then I got kind of full. We had a late dinner tonight, so Mom says next week we'll have to make sure and eat earlier.

Our homework is to keep working on the sit-stay and to go to one new place. I'm kind of excited about that last part, new places are usually great fun.