Moe Speaks: "Left Ear"

The night before last, I got that darned collar off in the middle of the night and completely scratched open my head. When Mom and Dad woke up in the morning, it looked really nasty and Mom said she was out of ideas and we were going to the vet.

I have to preface this all by saying, I have the coolest vets ever. They take amazing care of me, feed me lots of easy cheez, and call me a good boy--even when I do my "terrier-fy-ing" bark that hurts everyone's ears. So, I wasn't really too upset about going to visit them.

As soon as Dr. E saw my head she said she knew there was something more than an aggravated scratch going on. She cleaned me all out and shaved my head a little bit so she could see better--hence my new nickname "Left Ear". 

It turns out there were lots of little bumps on my head that Mom and Dad couldn't see or feel under my fur. Dr. E said I have a skin infection, and she needed to do some tests to find out exactly what kind. So she pressed these funny clear, skinny things against my ouch and scrapped at it a little bit. It didn't necessarily feel very good, but I got lots of easy cheez while she was doing it, so I stayed still and was really brave.

I was even braver than Mom was! Mom gets really queasy around blood and needles and hospitals and stuff. She was feeding me at first, but after a few minutes of the doctor scrubbing and shaving and checking out my head, Mom got a little dizzy and had to sit down. I think she felt bad, but afterwards I let her know that it was ok--not everyone can be as brave as a Welshie!

But anyway, the vet's office is suposed to call in a few days and tell us exactly what's up. In the meantime, Dad's got to wash me off with these nice little spongey things twice a day, and put a cream on my head to make it numb so I won't want to itch so much. Dad says the cream is good stuff--he got some on his finger on accident last night and he said it was numb for a whole hour!

And I still have to wear the horrible e-collar, but Mom and Dad got me one that's a little smaller--since I killed the other one--so I'm not running into stuff quite as much.

Overall I'm still pretty laid-up, but I can tell Mom's relieved to know exactly what's going on.