My Favorite Kind of Scarf

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I love this shape of a scarf.

Several years ago I would've called it fusty, but then I made this one as a shawl for myself.  I found it fell off too much as a shawl on my shoulders, so I inevitably ended up tossing it randomly around my neck.

Where I discovered that the little triangle point does an awesome job of filling in the little hole that's always left between the top button of your coat and the bottom of a more conventional scarf.  You know, the one the wind always finds and creeps into on icy days?

Because I rarely leave the house without mine, when I had an odd skein of yarn and a recipient in need of a gift I decided to make another.

While, of course, there are thousands of patterns that would get the job done, I like this textured shawl recipe because it lets me make up the pattern of stripes as I go along.  It's also suitable for various amounts of yarn.  As you can see, one skein makes a very scarf-y scarf, but if you wanted a longer one you could just keep going on into two or three yummy skeins.