Moe Speaks: Stubborn

Last night I made Mom really happy. I was doing sit-stays for a whole minute, and even letting her take a few steps away every so often.

But this morning I decided I was tired of sit-staying. Why do we always have to do what she wants, anyway? Sometimes I just want to jump up and grab my toy or a treat out of her hand without all this rigamarole beforehand. Why does she always get to be the boss?

I think I made her frustrated, and I know I hurt her hand a little when I was trying to grab my toy. But today, I just don't care.

She's making me wear this stupid collar that makes it so I can't itch my head. She and Dad are scrubbing my head twice a day, which hurts! And when she's not messing with my head or trying to make me sit-stay, all she's doing is studying.

I know she's got a big, important test coming up, but have you ever sat and watched someone study all day? It's the most boring thing in the whole wide world. I was supposed to get to go to doggy daycare while she was studying this week, but now I can't because of my stupid head.

I'm cranky, I'm bored, and my head itches--I think that gives me the right to be stubborn.