Moe Speaks: My new enemy and more about my mystery illness--not- necessarily in that order

The spots on my head are starting to look better. Some of the icky scabbiness is coming off and it doesn't hurt so bad when Mom cleans it. Unfortunately, last night when Mom was wiping away my eye boogers--yes, she feels the need to do that every few days--she noticed that I have a new spot just under my eye. 

I heard her call the vet this morning to see if they've been able to identify the cause of my spots yet, and whether she should use the wipey things under my eye or not. From hearing just Mom's end of the conversation, it seems that they weren't sure, but were going to get back to her soon.

I wish they knew what was wrong with me for sure. Mom says I can't go to the dog park or to school until we make sure it's not contagious, and I really like both of those places. It's no fun to be cooped up.

And Porter broke part of my collar the other day, so now I look even funnier than before.

But enough about that....there is a new enemy in my house and it's name is White-Round-Thing. What's worse, it's been there for a long time and I've never noticed it before. Most of the time it just hangs on the wall. But this weekend it attacked us twice. A very vicious sort of attack too--it makes a high pitched, loud scream that hurts my ears.

I think it must not like it when Dad cooks dinner. Both times before it went off Dad was cooking and the house was getting full of that hazey stuff. Then White-Round-Thing started screaming, and Mom ran to where it hangs to make it be quiet. 

Grr...I wish she'd let me take care of it next time. I would make sure White-Round-Thing never screams again!