Moe Speaks: School, Week 2

I was very happy to be able to go to school last night. Dad decided to come with us too, which was kinda fun.

My friend the Rottweiler didn't like my e-collar. Mom said it must of scared him a little bit because he barked at me instead of being friendly like last week. Everyone else was really nice about it, though.

We worked on sit-stays for awhile and then we started doing this new thing called "leave-it". At first I thought it was a mean game. Mom had a piece of pepperoni in her hand and she wouldn't let me have it. Why tease me like that?

But then I started to understand. Mom would let me see the pepperoni and then say "leave it". When I moved away from the pepperoni I got a liver treat instead. Once I figured out what was up though, I started ignoring the pepperoni altogether. Mom kept trying to get me to try to take it, but I wouldn't. I'm not stupid, I knew she wasn't really going to let me have it.

But then she surprised me and did let me have it, and my-0h-my was it good!