Food Blogging--Fromage Savoureux*

I've stumbled into some new blogs in the past few weeks. One such blogger, that I've become fond of, shamelessly mixes "food blogging" in with talk about politics, animals, and a little bit of everything else.

It's been inspiring.

Because I think food can be really pretty. Like this cheese.

Last night it was cold and snowy, and I was sipping on some left over Valentine's Day wine as I studied ("a spoonful of sugar" as Mary Poppins would say). Then I thought, "This would be even better if I had some cheese to nibble." So I bundled up and went to the Merc to get some.

The cheese on the left is called "Mimolette" and I picked it out because of it's beautiful color. Mimolette, according to The Teddington Cheese, comes from northern France and is made from cows milk. It tasted something like Parmesan cheese, but a little less salty and not quite so hard.

The cheese on the right is herbed Brie, which also originated in northern France. About five years ago, I spent a month studying in England and noticed that the Brie there had a different (and much better) flavor. I later found out that in the United States the milk that Brie is made from legally must be pasteurized, but the rest of the world makes it from unpasteurized milk--this accounts for the better flavor elsewhere. To that I say, "Vers le bas avec la pasteurisation!"**

But really, even the pasteurized stuff is pretty tasty. With a loaf of crusty bread...a glass of red wine...are you ready to go get some cheese yet?

*Fromage Savoureux=Tasty Cheese
**Vers le bas avec la pasteurisation!=Down with pasteurization!

(Do I really speak that much French? Of course not, knuckle head! But I completely dig the AltaVista Babel Fish translator.)