Moe Speaks: Countertops

Today I learned something very valuable, although it's probably not something Mom would have me learn--the stuff on top of the kitchen counter is very good.

It all started when my favorite Uncle (well, my only Uncle, actually) called Mom to tell her he was sick. Since Grandma lives a few hours away, Mom took some medicine and soup and stuff to his dorm room. Among other things, she took him a small ration of spiced tea.

Spiced tea is a powdery drink mix that my Manga (Dad's Mom) makes. Mom and Dad really love it. Mom says it's the only thing for clearing up her head when it's stuffy, and Dad says he loves it more than any other hot drink.

Well, Mom put some of the spiced tea in a baggie for Uncle Cole, and put us in the kitchen while she took it to him. But she forgot to put the container of spiced tea away. I thought that it might be my only chance to sample this magical drink, so I jumped up and pulled the container off of the counter.

I just got a little taste--Manga's pretty smart about the ways of young puppies, I think she may have put it into a dog proof container on purpose--but it was sweet and cinnamony. I didn't have hot water to mix it into, like Mom and Dad do, but it was still ever so tasty.

When Mom got home and found the container with my teeth marks in it, she wasn't very happy. She told me that Dad was going to be even more mad when he gets home, but it was SO worth it.

Tee-hee, then Mom was in the living room studying and I managed to get my treat pouch off the counter. It was a shower of jerky and liver goodness.

Too bad Mom came in and tossed me out of the kitchen before I could eat too much.

I wish I could teach Porter to jump up on the counter too. I can jump pretty high, but she's a lot taller than me. I know she could reach more. She's such a goody-two-shoes though, I'm not sure if I could talk her into it.