A Few of My Favorite Things

Every year after Christmas I write a post about my favorite handmade goodies from the holiday.  We were a little low on the "handmade by me" this year--and I wrote about a lot of what I made as I was making it, honestly--but there were a few gifts under our tree that were handmade by others and/or especially fun and thoughtful.  So, to heck with it, I'm sharing a few.


First up, one of Stephinie's lovely spindrift quilts.  Way back, oh, maybe a year and a half ago, Stephinie announced that she was going to stop making these.  The Little Miss was far from a certainty at that point, but I'd had this quilt with the bees on it on my wish list for my "someday daughter" forever.  

In an act of faith, I snapped it up.  It felt a little foolish at the time, but it was the first gift I wrapped up this year for Little Miss.


Next, my very own Christmas morning toy, an Instax printer.  I wrote last year about my Instax camera--which I still have fun with--but I think this little guy is even better.  It allows you to print polaroids from your smart phone.  I don't even know exactly what I'm going to do with the prints yet, but the ideas I have are making me a little giddy.


Next, a set of wooden baby rattles that were a gift to Little Miss.  She's not quite ready for them yet, but I expect she will be soon and these are such a sweet set.


And then, one more for me, my very own "Mama Bear" sweatshirt.  Because that's my name these days, may as well own up to it via a cute shirt.

Not pictured, but worth a mention:

Yes Please by Amy Poehler.  Am I the last person to read this book?  I don't know, but I'm really excited to.

Also, a Starbucks gift card.  Because sometimes you just need to tuck your pajama pants into the tops of your slippers, pop a beanie over your unwashed hair, and peruse the paperbacks at the grocery store for fifteen minutes all by yourself.  (I know no one who actually did this last Saturday night.  No one.)  And if you can do it with a warm, caffeinated beverage in your hand, well, that's a pretty great present.