Moe Speaks: Cutting the Apron Strings

I spent the last two nights without Mom. When she said she was going to take her big test in Topeka, I didn't think she'd be gone for two whole days!

I was just a little distraught. But Uncle Cole came and stayed with me and Porter, so that was lots of fun. And Mom bought me a great toy before she left--it's like my JW cuz squeaky's that are my favorite, but it's shaped like a dinosaur. I carried it around with me the whole time she was gone.

Mom was back just in time to take me to my school tonight. We worked on down-stays and "wait". Once my teacher helped Mom teach me how to do a down, I could do down-stays like a champ. I had a little more trouble with "wait". Mom says we'll work on that s'more this weekend at Manga and Panga's house.

That's right, we're going to Pittsburg this weekend! We haven't been there since Christmas because Mom's been studying really hard for her big test, and I'm so excited to get to play with Panga (he let's me play rough) and run in the big yard.

Mom says there's only one little thing I have to do first. I have to go to the vet tommorow so they can look at my head spot again. Hope it goes ok--I'll write more tommorow and let you all know.