Moe Speaks: I Am A Champion of the Sit-Stay

Well, there wasn't really a contest with other dogs or anything, but I did a pretty long sit-stay tonight, even when Mom put my squeaky right between my feet. She was so proud of me!

She's finally figured out that I really don't care much about food treats, but my squeaky will get my attention every time. I'm glad she understands, it makes training much more fun. 

We also worked on staying close while we're out walking. I wasn't as good at that, but my Teacher showed Mom how to tempt me with my squeaky so that really helped.

Next week is graduation. Mom says we're going to have to work really hard on my stupid pet trick between now and then so I can graduate. We're not even really sure what we're going to do yet!

I was happy to hear that, even though I'm graduating, we might take the class again. We both really like my Teacher, and Mom says having a class to go to every week keeps us nice and motivated. Mom doesn't think we're quite ready to go on to the advanced class, but if we work hard we might be in another six weeks.