Moe Speaks: My New Cousin

With all the excitement this past week, I almost forgot to write about my new cousin. She's a baby Pug named Zoey, and she went to live with Grandma and Aunt Madi last week. 

We went to see her last weekend. I didn't get to play with her as much as I would have liked to--Mom said I was a little bit too excited. But she was lots of fun, and she's so brave too! She went right up to Porter and barked at her, and she's ever so tiny.

Mom keeps telling me what a good puppy Zoey is. Mom said she didn't cry at all in the car, she doesn't wake anyone up at night, and she's already almost potty trained. Mom says these things like she's trying to imply that I was NOT quite so perfect when I was a wee pup.

If I could speak human I would tell her, "Of course I gave you trouble! I'm a terrier, that's my job!"