Spring Storm

We woke up Sunday morning to a creepy green sky and tornado sirens. Once the excitement was over, we found out that it probably wasn't actually a tornado--just some nasty wind. Overall we came through great. We were without power from about 8:30 on Sunday morning to about 3 a.m. Monday, but other than that no damage. Unfortunately other people weren't so lucky....
The view outside our back door.
Down the alley from our house the power lines were down.
Down the street to the East.
Down the street to the West towards Mass St.
Down the street to the south.
Our next door neighbors yard.
Down the street a tree fell on top of a car and through part of a porch roof.

After sitting around for a few hours without power, we ventured out to scrounge up some breakfast. Afterwards we drove around a little bit to check out the damage downtown.

This was one of several stop signs that was blown over.

The Replay, a bar downtown had all it's windows broken out.

Later when we drove by again they were patching things up.

A tree in east Lawrence.

Except for the broken trees, it looked like roofs were damaged the most.

Broken windows at Wa, a sushi restaurant downtown.

Plywood covering the windows at Wa.

Several of the awnings over shops on Mass St. were broken, but this was the most dramatic.

The awning in front of Vermont Street BBQ, on Mass St.

On 23rd Street many of large signs were broken.

Taco Johns sign

Gas station sign

Sweet Husband read a news article today that said there was an estimated 6 million dollars worth of damage on campus. We walked around a little bit. There were lots of broken windows, broken roofing tiles, and fallen trees.

Bleachers at the soccer field.

Another shot of the bleachers--younger brother who lives in the dorm near here said one bleacher landed on a car.

Broken tiles on top of Snow Hall.

Broken doors at Budig Hall.

Broken Windows at Budig Hall.

More broken windows at Budig.

This is the roof of Murphy Hall--this looked like about the worst damage on campus that we could see.

There were bits of newspaper from the newspaper racks all over.

All the fallen trees broke my heart!

Tree uprooted near Strong Hall.

A close up of the tree's roots.

A fallen tree on Jayhawk Boulevard.

The chapel roof on campus looked really sad.

More fallen trees.

East Lawrence, where we live, had a ton of big trees that fell, but only a few really looked like they damaged houses.

A tree fallen on an RV in someone's front yard.

This huge tree was completely uprooted.

Power was really spotty all over Lawrence all day. Power lines were broken like this all over.

This was the only tree we saw that looked like it seriously damaged someone's house.

A broken tree.

Overall, from the reports I've heard at least, no one in Lawrence was seriously injured. Today crews were cleaning up on campus and picking up limbs from people's yards, and things were beginning to get back to normal.

Nothing like a little reminder that it's tornado season already!