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[The Kid's Sunday morning watercolor art through the eyes of my SLR alone, and then through my Instax and then my SLR.]

I bought myself an instax camera as a post-holiday treat.  On the one hand, it's a toy.  On the other, it's very good training, particularly when it comes to composing shots well.  

I have never been the least bit ashamed of using editing software to make my photos better--it's just one more tool.  And I love that, with the invention of digital cameras, I can take 10 shots of the Kid running around and not feel wasteful when I only keep the best one.

But there's something to be said for really making yourself stop and think before you press the shutter button.  About making each photo cost a little something (close to a buck a piece, actually).  I don't know that it's better or worse, just different and interesting.  

As an excuse to practice, I've been participating in Raincoast Creative Salon's #foliophoto alphabet project on Instagram.  Pretty simple idea--starting with "A" each day we're all photographing something that starts with a different letter of the alphabet.  It's made for some beautiful photos, so if you're a fan of such things I would encourage you to check out the hashtag.  Happy Friday, friends!