Welsh Pride Plaid Coat


Welsh Terriers originally came from Wales (no way!) so I thought the Wee-Welshman needed a way to show some Welsh pride.  With a change of fabric and perhaps a different patch, you could use this to show all kinds of pup pride. To make the body piece, measure around the widest point of your dog's chest.  Then I measure from his front armpits to his mid-belly and double it.  Cut out a rectangle of that size and fold it in half lengthwise, wrong side out, to make a long skinny rectangle.  Press the folded edge. Sew together the three unconnected edges, leaving a small hole at one corner.  Turn the whole thing right-side out, and hand stitch the hole closed.  Re-press the folded edge in the other direction. The collar is made basically the same way.  Measure loosely around your dog's shoulder area to get the length measurement .  You can make the collar as wide or as narrow as you want--this one was about 2 inches when finished so you'd need to start out with 4 inches. Then find the center point on the top of the body piece and the back of the collar.  Match the two up and sew together.  Sew a bit of velcro under the belly and on the edges of the collar to fasten.  Center up the patch on the back, stitch it up, and you're done!