Food Blogging--Bisgusting Cheese

When Younger Brother was very young and ate something he didn't like, he would loudly exclaim, "That's Bisgusting!"

I was reminded of both the expression and the look on his face whenever he said it, when I tried these cheeses last night.

As a caveat, prior to last night I believed that I was a lover of all cheese. Cheese was my first word. Seriously. But these particular cheeses were not good, even by my liberal cheese-lovin' standards. Starting at the bottom left and going clockwise....

Morbier chese is a raw cow's milk cheese. It was actually the best of the three--kind of like marbled cheese. Nothing exciting, but nothing great either.

Next was the Drunken Goat cheese. This is a Spanish cheese and the rind is cured with red wine. Red wine=good, right? Not so much, unfortunately.

Then we have the winner of this bisgusting cheese plate, the Goat Brie. Once again, some thought went into this. I like cow's brie. I can't often tell the difference between cow's milk and goat's milk. Therefore goat's brie should be good, yes?


Have you ever smelled a really stinky goat? Not a really stinky nanny (girl) goat, but a really nasty, evil billy (boy) goat? Well I have, and this cheese tasted like that goat smelled. It was really, honest-and-truly BISGUSTING!