Viva la Différence!

Today when I woke up in Lawrence, the world looked like it had been freshly washed. It had rained sometime in the night, but the sun was shining and the sky was a glittering blue. It was refreshingly chilly out but not too cold--in short it felt like the start of a gorgeous Spring day.

As we drove into Topeka for work it got yucky and cloudy and gray. Through the window that I can see from my office, it looks as if things have only gotten worse.

There are signs everywhere, and I'm thinking this morning might have been one.

Sweet Husband and I are thinking about buying a house in Lawrence. But housing in Lawrence is expensive, and we could probably get almost double the house if we were willing to move to Topeka. For about half a heartbeat the other day we thought about it. I made the suggestion, there was a second's pause, and then we both said, "Nahhh...."

It's interesting to me that two places so close together are so different.

Long live the difference!