Day of Trees

My calendar today says "Day of Trees (KOR)". To the nearest I can guess, I think that means today is the Day of Trees in Korea.

If you feel like celebrating, this is how easy it is to plant a tree. A year ago, on a whim, I sent a very small donation to the Arbor Day Foundation. They sent me back twelve sticks with roots. I only had a place to plant one, so I stuck it in a pot where it lived all of last summer. I didn't want to bring it inside for the winter, and I knew it didn't have a very good chance of surviving outside in a pot, so I literally stuck it into the ground. I may have watered it a few times, but other than that I left it to fend for itself.

And here you can see -- well, if you can see it, it's still kind of a stick -- my little tree has survived the winter and put out new buds and leaves.