New Year's Photo-ing

Heathersmall-003 11850847885_3c74092b41_b HeathersmallCoincidentally, I ended 2013 and began 2014 with family photoshoots.

The New Year's Eve bunch is first.  Confronted with the same schoolhouse where we'd done holiday photos, the little guy at top left immediately came up to me and sweetly inquired, "Cookies?"

It broke my heart to disappoint him, but thankfully his mama had come prepared with munchies for him and all of his adorable cousins, too.

The New Year's Day family was one of my favorite groups'o'regulars.  They have the drill down at this point, although I don't think I've ever had to coax them to smile through such frigid cold before.  Thankfully, they were good sports and I was quick!