Moe Speaks: Our first swim (and maybe our last for awhile)

Grandma, Aunt Madi, and our doggie cousing Spanky and Zoey are visiting this weekend, and this morning we went to the dog park for a swim. Mom took another video of us swimming. The water felt good and Porter and I had a great adventure!

The river is usually really shallow, but because it's rained lately it was a little deeper than usual. Porter and I went way up the river away from Mom, and the current was too strong for us to swim back. So we climbed up the bank and we were trying to get back through the woods, when we saw Mom calling for us from the river. She was really wet and she didn't look very happy, so we lead her up the bank and back to where Grandma and Aunt Madi were. 

We were so good, I don't understand why Mom says we might not be able to go back for awhile.