More Planting

Saturday evening I recruited Sweet Sister to help me plant s'more.

We put 9 Envy Soybeans in 08. I couldn't find a reference for the proper spacing of square foot soybeans, but I figured it would be easier to have a few too many to start and then pull them up later.

We also planted 2 Picnic Watermelon seeds in 09. I know I won't have room for both of those, but I didn't want to put all my eggs in one basket (i.e. all my faith in one seed) so one will have to come up once it becomes evident that one is growing better.

Along the fence we sprinkled in a mix of Clark's Heavenly Blue and Scarlett O'Hara Morning Glories. I was just going to plant the Clarks because they were so beautiful last year, but the name Scarlett O'Hara caught my whimsy.

Lastly we hodge-podged in some Mammoth Gray Sunflower seeds in the same spot as last year. This is about the same time I planted them last year--although the warm weather makes it seem much later--so hopefully these will do as well.