You Say Tomato....

After work last night I snuck into Sunrise just before closing and got tomatoes.

Lots of tomatoes.

I was planning two--maybe three. I came home with five. My eyes are bigger than my planter box.

Unfortunately, someone got to the Midgets before I did. The Sunrise Lady (as opposed to Older Sunrise Man or Younger Sunrise Man) said that mice nibled up her seeds before they could grow. I think she could sense my concern, however, because she immediately said she had planted new ones and they'd be ready in a few weeks. For a brief moment I considered offering her the day services of the Wee Welshman to scare the mice away, but then I realized, Moe chasing mice would do more damage to baby Midgets than mice alone ever could.

At any rate, I saved a spot for them, and got tons of cool heirlooms to boot.

Starting at the top left and working clockwise, I planted Hillbilly Potato, Amana Orange, Cherokee Purple, and Aunt Ruby's German Green.

I was planning to plant flowers in the two pots by the door where the roses lived last year, but hey--flowers are for sissies, real women plant tomatoes.

So I put a Yellow Pear to the right side, and the Midget (assuming the mice at Sunrise cooperate) will get the space on the left.

Oh, and I planted some peppers too--a Jimmy Nardello Sweet Italian Frying Pepper and a Mandarin Bell Pepper.