Garden 5.0

As I was potting and repotting and planting today I realized that this is the fifth clearly separate incarnation of a garden at this house. Five separate arrangements in less than two years. Yikes! But I'm sure I've learned something or other along the way. If nothing else I've learned how to garden in a small space with dogs--containers!
At any rate, today I filled the last spot in the big planter with Hidatsa Shield Figure Beans. I also went ahead and caged the tomatoes and peppers. As I was literally wedging the cages in I momentarily started to doubt the wisdom of Mr. Mel Bartholemew (of Square Foot Gardening fame). One tomato per square foot seems awfully tight now that the cages are up to denote the full size the tomatoes will be. But then I remembered that Nice Father-In-Law had his tomatoes on something close to a square foot plan last year and they did well, so hopefully all will be well with mine also.
I also went to Sunrise and got herbs for my spare pots. I got some small starts of Munstead Lavendar, Oregano Thyme, Curry and Bronze Fennel. I'm trying to keep experimenting (as well as go easy on my budget) so I decided to try a few plants from seed.
I planted Alaska Nasturtiums around the bases of my tomatoes by the door, Italian Pesto Basil, Fine Leaf Chives, Dukat Leafy Dill, and Cilantro.

In the interest of continual greens, I planted a big pot of Apollo Arugula. I also got a Silky Asclepias for outside the backdoor. I was intending to plant Marigolds there, but I saw a sign at the nursery that said Monarch Butterflies are drawn to Asclepias so I thought it's be fun to try.

I made room for the Marigolds in an old hanging basket, instead.

Oh, and I almost forgot, I planted some strawberries too.

Phew! What a busy day!