Sponsor Feature :: Olive and Owl



As a happy almost-Thursday to you all, today I am pleased to introduce K.C., proprietress of Olive and Owl, a funky little etsy shop full of pretty potholders and other kitchen-y textiles.  I've been a long time reader of her blog--also called Olive and Owl--so I'm tickled to introduce her here!

Me:  You just opened a few months ago and you have two littles at home, yet your shop is chock full of pretty potholders and coasters--how do you work time to sew into your day? 

K.C.:  Sewing for me is like meditating. For a long time I wasn't able to sew a thing except at night. I would cut things out one night and then sew things up the next. Now that my girls are older I am able to slip in bit of time here and there through out the day when they are playing together. You'd be amazed at how much I can get done in ten minutes! 

Me:  Your family has been traveling the world this past year, and I know you had to downsize your fabric stash at both ends of your trip.  Was that sad or liberating?  

K.C.:  Oh the fabric. In the beginning it was so hard. I went through the fabric at least 5 times. Anything that wasn't at least a 1/4 of a yard I gave away to a friend. Some of it I gave to my mom to hold until a later time. Some of it I used at packing material!

The rest--I am slightly embarrassed to say but will fully admit to--I sent there and back again. I sent two boxes worth of fabric to France and back. In France I did go through the fabric again and gave some to a new friend there who also bought the sewing machine from me that I bought while I was there. 

Me:  But speaking of your travels--any to-die-for fabric finds while you were globe-trotting?

K.C.:  I looked and looked for fabric but had a really hard time finding any stores in the Nice area. In Italy they had very fancy store with beautiful fabrics that were way out of my price range. There were stores in London that I just window shopped knowing I couldn't afford the exchange rate! I found though that shopping the antique fairs was the best way to find fabrics. All the old linens come out at the antique fairs along with laces and old spools of thread; I even found some epic iron scissors! And the old singer sewing machine, oh swoon! 

Me:  Since it's January and resolutions are traditional, what goals do you have for Olive and Owl in 2014?

K.C.:  My shop is still fairly small and in the beginning I had to use a bit of my own craft budget to fund it. Now after a very successful holiday season I have enough funds to buy new materials when I need. This is really exciting for me as my hope was that the store would eventually help to support and fund my love of creating, which it does now.

For 2014 I would like to expand my inventory and make at least one item a week. Sometimes I can make 4 items in a day if my mother is town and other times I have to wait a week. I would like to add embroidered dish towels, snack bags and cloth bread bags to the shop as well. 


K.C. has generously agreed to giveaway one of her extra large potholders in your choice of the fabrics in the second picture above.  To win, visit Olive and Owl and come back and leave a comment about your favorite item.  I'll pick a winner this time next week.*

In the meantime, if you find something you just can't wait for, K.C. is also offering free shipping to My Bit of Earth readers through the end of January.  Just use the code MYBITOFEARTH.

[*This one is open to U.S. and Canadian readers only.  To all you friends in the rest of the world, nothin' but love!]