Handmade Winter [A Review]


A few weeks ago, I got my hands on a copy of Handmade Winter, a gorgeous little e-book full of cozy ideas to stay warm and cheered through the cold season.

Faced with about 80 pages of recipes, cocktails, rituals, and crafts, I had a lot of trouble deciding where to start.  My decision was made, however, last Sunday afternoon when Sweet Husband wistfully said some cookies sounded good.  The Kid took up the chorus, and before I knew it I was digging out our bottle of molasses to make these Ginger Crinkles.

I had to halve the recipe--and even then it made about 3 dozen cookies--but otherwise it came together beautifully.  The deep brown dough was so pretty to scoop out onto my bake sheets, and while I was initially skeptical about the cookies' gooey centers, once they'd cooled they were soft and delicious.

And, actually, they were perfect for "Tea for One" one of the lovely little rituals suggested in the book.  

It's something I've done occasionally, even before reading Handmade Winter, but the book has inspired me to make a point of doing it more intentionally.  Basically, when you've successfully gotten your little one down for a nap or engaged in some peaceful activity, you sit down and make yourself a cup of tea.  Just one.  Just for you.  As the book says,

"A cup of tea is always special. Even on the most mundane of days I like to use special things – the tea cozy I inherited from my grandmother and my great grandmother’s silver spoon. And I always have a little something sweet."

My favorite herbal tea, a stack of ginger cookies, and a little project for my hands--such a perfect way to spend a chilly afternoon.

At $15, Handmade Winter is a little expensive for an e-book, but with about 35 gorgeously photographed projects and recipes, consider it an inoculation against cabin fever.  You can take a sneak peek at the pages and buy a copy here.

[I was given a copy of Handmade Winter for review purposes, but--you know the drill by now--my opinions are always my own.]