Moe Speaks: First Agility Class

I went to my first agility class last night. I was a little unsure at first. 

We started out doing this thing where Mom wanted me to stand on a board--at least, I think that's what she wanted. It was hard to tell.

Then we played on this thing called an A-frame. I got really excited during that part. I wanted to run to the top and then jump off, but Mom made me walk down the other side instead. 

Next we went to the tunnels. Mom said I was like a duck in water there. I was a little disappointed though, there were no rats at the end.

Last we did these jumping things. I was a little tired by then so I wasn't really into the jumping, but Mom had the bar set pretty low so I could kind of just walk over.

Overall, I'm not sure what I think about it. It's definitely not as much fun as earthdog. But Mom says if we like agility we can do it a lot more often because we wouldn't have to drive for hours to get to events. I think agility was a lot more work for her, though. At earthdog she just basically lets me go and then stands back, last night she was running almost as much as me.