Moe Speaks: I Love Rats--Not Wisely, But Too Well....And I Look Good

We went to St. Louis for earthdog this weekend. I had a ton of fun and I think Mom did too. She said we didn't get any legs for my Senior title, but we both learned a lot.

The first day I had a little trouble finding the entrance. I sniffed around awhile and finally saw the door, but it was longer and darker than any tunnel I've been in before. I went in cautiously, but then I couldn't find the rats. I found some hay that smelled like rats--I wondered if maybe the rats had run away. I went back out of the tunnel to ask Mom where they had gone to. She wasn't very helpful, but then I sniffed again and found them further up the tunnel. Unfortunately, by that time the judge had already said "time's up".

They let me bark at them for awhile though, which was the best part!

But then the judges took the rats away--they've never done that before. I kept barking and barking to tell them I wanted them back, but Mom was whistling and clapping and talking. I think that may have distracted the judges.

After we had lunch, we met up with the other Welshies there. After we took some pictures--8 Welshies in one place is a picture taking occasion!--Nice Lucy (of WYSIWYG fame) did a Welshie grooming class. She was super-nice, and I was really happy that Mom was learning how to take care of my coat.

But then Lucy put me on the table and started stripping my hair! I wasn't sure about it at first. It certainly felt good to get some of the old hair off, but I felt like I needed to make at least a few token protests. So I whimpered and yelped and tried to jump off the table, but eventually I settled in and let her work. She was just using me to teach, so she only did a little, but I look so much better! She made my face look right for once. Mom paid close attention so hopefully I will no longer have to suffer at the groomers.

After the grooming we went sightseeing a little. I saw the most water I've ever seen--Mom said it was called "the Mississippi". I dipped my toes in and made a video....

Then we walked up and stood by this big, shiney, metal arch. We were having fun there, but it got really cloudy so we had to leave.

We stayed the night at Mom and Dad's friend's house. He has a nice beard like me, only his is very red. I think Nice Redbeard and I could have been good friends, but by then I was too tired to be friendly--I crashed out.

In the morning we went back for more earthdog. It was raining really hard so we had to stay in the car until it was time for my test. 

I was better the second time. I went straight into the hole as soon as Mom released me. But it was really muddy in there from the rain. It was long and dark, and I thought I remembered that there was another tunnel entrance somewhere else. So I backed out of the long tunnel and went around to the shorter way on the outside. I thought I was being really smart, but for some reason I don't think Mom was very happy that I did that. Once I took the short cut, I found the rats real quick. I barked at them for awhile, but then those darned judges took them away again. I don't understand it. And Mom yelled and whistled and clapped again--I think the rain was making her a little weird. I just knew that if I barked long enough those rats would come back, but Mom eventually came and pulled me out of the hole. 

I was muddy! Mom said she wished she had had the camera because, even though I didn't qualify, I looked like I had really put up a really good fight.

And for the next few months we're going to work on recall, recall, recall. I think Mom's even going to let me practice with my rat Poppy--she said, "It's time for Poopy to start earning her vegetables."

I really love going to play with the rats!