Moe Speaks: The Fast and the Fearless

My second to last agility class for the summer was last night. I had a few good runs at the end, but I'm still giving Mom some trouble about being good while I wait for my turn and not trying to jump at other dogs.

We had a long talk in the car on the way home. Mom said that, once agility is over, we're going to have "obedience boot camp" for the rest of the summer.

I objected to that a bit--after all, I am pretty obedient at home.

But then Mom said that that's the problem. I'm pretty obedient at HOME, but when we're out getting the rats or doing agility I get so excited that all my obedience lessons just slip out of my head. She said that I'm fast and fearless.

Again I objected to that characterization a bit--yes, I am fast and fearless, but that's part of what makes me the wonderful dog that I am. I got through junior earthdog so fast because I wasn't afraid to go into the tunnel fast to get the rats. While other dogs are having to be coaxed over obstacles in agility, I take them full-tilt with no problems. That's just the dog that I am--quick, smart, and brave. I'm proud to be fast and fearless.

After having a chuckle at the size of my ego, Mom said that was true and it's part of why she loves me so much. However, she thinks we need to add one more description to my list of attributes--"under control".

Well friends, it looks like I'm in for a lot of work this summer....