From the Bargain Bin

We nipped into Sunrise just before closing today so that I could grab a basil plant. The ones I started from seed weren't coming along fast enough, and since the tomatoes are going to be ready in a few weeks the situation was beginning to get critical.

We found a spry looking basil start (Sweet Basil, not Thai--because Sweet Husband doesn't like the licorice flavor) and then started admiring their pepper plants (which are much taller and more productive than ours, despite being in 3 inch pots). Next to the peppers were a hodge-podge of left over plants for 99 cents apiece. Our lettuce went to seed a few weeks ago and the watermelon I planted got washed away, so we had 2 square feet free. Nonetheless, I was stalwartly about to walk away when Nice Older Sunrise Lady came over and told me they were all half price.

That's 50 cents each, and, well, I've never really needed much encouragement to buy plants, now have I?

I picked a Tigger Melon and a Slicemaster Cucumber. They're both supposed to be grown in hills, but that just wasn't going to happen with our space limitations, so I trellised them. It will probably mean coming up with a creative support system at some point later this summer. But, hey, they were a buck!