A Girl-y Knitted Thing



Sometime towards the end of last week, I arrived home to find a sack of yarn on my doorstep from the lovely Debra of Winding the Skein.  (Those days when yarn arrives are a bit like Christmas morning, don't you think?)  With two hanks of this raspberry pink hand-spun, plus another pretty bonus skein, I quickly pulled out my swift and got to work winding balls.

I really didn't mean to knit it up quite so quickly, but spending the weekend with my hands full of yarn was just too agreeable.  Before I knew it, I was weaving in ends and admiring the finished products.  I'll show you what I did with the bonus skein later, but for the hand-spun my choice was this nubby little cardigan.  

I didn't have the correct needle size in the house--hard to believe, I know--so I went all the way down to 11's to make this what I'd guess is about the size of an average 3-month-old.  I can't even tell you where I originally got the button, only that I had a small thrill of perfection when it tumbled out of my button stash into my hand.

I have no doubt that a recipient for the sweater will soon appear just as serendipitously.  Until then, this--quite girl-y--knitted thing has been safely tucked away in what I like to call my knitting prize closet.