On To-Do Lists, Priorities

(I promise, I'll get back to blogging gardening soon--suffice to say I'm picking tomatoes, and not necessarily as many as I'd like. I'm thinking of starting a tally sheet actually, but for today....)

I was going through some files that were rescued from my old computer today (Thanks Donnie!) and I found this to do list, which I think must have been made just before graduation in December. I found it to be humorous, and you may too....

TO DO 1. make food [presumably for the people who were coming for graduation] 2. washcloths [we only had two at the time--thanks to the completion of this item we now have five] 3. try on pants [I have no idea what pants this refers to] 4. get fish from Merc [see #1] 5. take final to Beth [in this class, at least, my priorities were apparently in order--although this final, on which my graduation depended, still came after the fish] 6. cap and gown [again, essential for graduation, but somehow less important than the fish] 7. yard [aka pup poop patrol, understandably important, since people were going to be walking through] 8. greens? [again, not sure--I think maybe I was thinking of refreshing our evergreen Christmas decorations, but it also could have had to do with the food. But, the part that really made me giggle, tucked very last on the list...] 9. learn BA

FYI, "BA" is a class I was taking that semester, essential to graduation. And when I said learn BA, I really meant that I had to learn BA. I had given up on going to class 'round the first of November.

Yet somehow this is less important than fish and pants I can't even remember!

Granted I was pretty sure things would work out ok--they generally do--but when I think about how much fun it would have (not) been to have a house full of guests and food, but nothing to celebrate because I was too busy getting ready for the party to, um, I don't know, take my finals....Is it bad that I'm laughing at my own silliness?