Moe Speaks: A Rough Day

Dad took Port and I to daycare this morning. I like going, but today was a little rough.

The Lady there was squirting the hose for us because it was hot. But then she started squirting another dog--can you believe that? She was squirting another dog! So I did the only thing I knew to do--I went after the other dog and let him know that no one gets between me and running water.

Combined with some other questionable behavior today, that was enough to get me some time in the time out pen. 

The Lady didn't tell Mom I can't come back, but Mom thinks she was hinting at it. Mom says after we use the days we've already paid for we will probably quit going to daycare. She says she thinks I'm "unameanable" to it.

I wish I could control my behavior a little better so that I can keep going, but in the heat of the moment my terrier instincts are just so strong....

And I tore my pad today too. It's just a little tear, but it stings something awful! Mom said if it's not feeling a little better in the morning we'll call Dr. R and see if there's anything he can do. For now I'm going to curl up under my blankie on the couch and get some rest--it's been a rough day.