Moe Speaks: Hop-a-Long

Turns out I have not 1, not 2, but 3 cracked pads! My front feet are the worst. It's definitely curtailed my ususal activities, although I'm not limping as bad as I was this morning.

Mom called the vet, but they said there wasn't a lot they could do. The old skin just needs to slough off. In the meantime they said I can have aspirin to help with the hurt and antibiotic ointment to help keep out infection. I got the aspirin wrapped in cheese, the antibiotic ointment didn't taste nearly so good. (When I licked it off my feet, that is.)

I haven't had to walk too far though--Mom feels bad for me so she's been carrying me up and down the stairs between the couch and the bed. 

Come to think of it, maybe I need to keep this limping thing up....