The World's Greatest Dishclothes


Sweet Husband's Mom and Aunt were making dishclothes similar to these over the 4th of July.  They kindly let me take a few home, and I quickly discovered that they are amazing.  They're a little bit thicker than regular dishclothes--and hence absorb much more--and the little spaces between the stiches are nice and scrubby.  Nice Mother-In-Law and Aunt were knitting them--which you could easily do--but, as I'm not a knitter, I decided to crochet a few. Using 100% cotton thread (this is important, polyester won't hold water) and a K size hook, chain 25.  Work the row back and forth in single crochet until the dishcloth is almost square. Then single crochet around the outside edge one or two times to finish it off. If you like the curly edge (like the one on the far right) go once around the edge in single crochet. The second time around, do two single crochet stitches into each stitch of the first row. If you do the plain edge you can get two reasonably sized clothes out of a small skein of thread. If you do the curly edge you can still get two, but the second one will be considerably smaller. These are super quick too! I can finish one a day during my commute to and from work--about 40 minutes. (But don't worry, I never crochet and drive!)