The Next DADA Teacher--On Second Thought

I previously posted that I thought that the next DADA teacher was an unknown character, but I'm having second thoughts.

Jo has also said that there will be no new significant characters introduced in Book 7. This leads me to three possible theories....

  1. When she said that she wasn't thinking about the DADA teacher--perhaps she was thinking that by now we should realize that a new DADA teacher is just a given. Possible, and if so see my previous post for my analysis.
  2. The new DADA teacher will be someone we already know, thus breaking the pattern. Also possible, although then we're left with the question of who? I don't see any of the old DADA teachers coming back. (In order--dead; crazy; busy trailing werewolves and likely to face too much bigotry; had sould sucked by dementor/busy as an auror (depending on who you count as the 4th year teacher); McGonagall would kill her if the centaurs didn't first; suspected murderer.) So that limits is to others that we know.... Another auror--unlikely as they all seem to be pretty busy, although Tonks would be great fun. And if she's going to be there guarding the castle anyway, why not teach a class? Bill Weasley--we know he's a curse breaker, so presumably he knows something about the dark arts.
  3. Hogwarts will be closed and there will therefore be no need for a new DADA teacher. Hogwarts is such a major character in the book, it's hard for me to see it being closed completely. And if it was closed I would think the Death Eaters might consider setting up camp there, given Voldemort's affinity for the castle. But, at the same time, it seems a little odd for life to go on as usual in such dangerous times. As Malfoy said at one point in HBP (paraphrasing) what good are N.E.W.T.'s going to be if Voldemort takes over?  What's the point?

I think I'm going to have to think on this one and get back to it.