Moe Speaks: A New Plan

There has been a new development at our house lately. Before, Porter and I had to stay in the kitchen during the day, but we've jumped the gate so many times that Dad decided to let us have "free-range" and see how we do.

I really like being a free-range pup. I can take naps on the couch, get out all of my toys, and jump in and out of my favorite chair all day long. I also get to watch TV.

Now you may think it's funny that a dog would watch TV, but I kind of enjoy it really. It gives me good ideas. Like the other day, I was watching some old re-runs and I saw a really good commercial. It was about this dog who ordered all sorts of cool toys online while his Mom and Dad were at work. What a smart idea! 

I knew that working Mom's computer wouldn't be a problem. I've watched her use it since I was a young pup. But I needed the numbers from one of those plastic things. I've seen Mom throw away some that come in the mail before, so I thought a good place to look might be in the trash.

I knocked the can over and dug through all of it, but no such luck! There weren't any plastic things in the trash this time. I did, however, find some left over bratwursts, which was wonderful compensation. And when Mom and Dad came home, they thought I was looking for the bratwursts and thus had no clue about my plan to order toys with a plastic thing. 

So my plan is still secret and can be executed another day!