Dumbledore Is Dead--Really

Jo has confirmed that Dumbledore really is dead.

Of course there are still holdouts.  People who believe she's outright lying or still trying to be tricksey.  I was especially interested in what the folks at dumbledoreisnotdead.com had to say:

"So, the bad news is, Dumbledore is probably dead.

But the good news is that because of her answer on Snape, and because of the clues presented on this site, we can only conclude that this is more evidence that Snape is really on our side, he's not a death-eater, he's a good guy!

(Perhaps we should change the name of this site to SnapeIsNotADeathEater.com!)

The even better news is that J.K. also said that Dumbledore will be back in some form in Book 7. So even if Dumbledore really is dead, we know at least that he's not gone."

There's much more here.

As for me, if Jo says he's dead, he's dead.  And that really sucks.