Proud Mama Hen


In case you didn't know, we've been weathering some snow these past few days.  Our whole state is practically shut down, in fact.

But you know who hasn't stopped producing?  My ladies.

Despite extreme cold and, now, almost a foot of snow, my little hens have been having four and five egg days since mid-January.  As I was making our grocery list last weekend, Sweet Husband uttered wondrous words I never thought to hear him say in these bleak winter months, "We have a lot of eggs--better make a quiche this week."

We often have "half-dozen days" in June and July, but this unexpected bounty in January and February is a real treat.

The other day, the Kid and I got home earlier than usual, and all the girls came running out to greet us in the lingering daylight.  I leaned down to say "hello" and Ms. Tori promptly jumped up in my lap for a snuggle.  As I scratched her neck, I couldn't resist whispering in her tiny-chicken-ear, "Well done, Tora.  Well done!"