On the Atlantic at Night, Stupid Terrorists, Being a Little Nervous

I've flown over the Atlantic at night two or three times now.  For those who never have, it's kind of an eerie experience.  Don't get me wrong, I much prefer it to making the flight by day (sleeping kills time) but . . . It's very lonely, even when you're with someone.  When you look out the window and it's completely black above and completely black below--you're just floating in this sea of nothing.  It's hard to help but think about what it would be like to fall through all of that darkness into the dark, cold water below.

Somehow I've always thought that was a silly thing to worry about.  Maybe not.

What an awful thing that just a few people can change the mindsets of so many through fear.

In the past I haven't paid much attention to terror alert levels and who's after who.  I don't travel more than a few times a year, and neither do any close family members.  But I have to admit, this time I am a little nervous.  It figures, the one week when Sweet Husband is flying is the week they aren't sure that they've caught everyone.

Not that I'm really worried--he's not in any of the known target cities and he's not flying on any of the targeted airlines.  Just the same, I'll feel much better when my little family is all back together safe and sound.