Moe Speaks: Note From the Dog Walker Lady

I usually really like our Nice Walker Lady. She comes when Dad's out of town and takes us for a walk that always ends in cool, fresh water and a tasty treat!

But today she told on me!

Mom usually puts the trash away during the day so that I can't get to it. I like to go through it for tasty treats and good smells, which can sometimes be a little messy.

But this morning she forgot. Seizing my opportunity, I flipped open the lid and picked out a few things on top to play with. When the Nice Walker Lady came over, she saw my mess and cleaned it up. I was really pleased with her; I thought she was doing me a favor and hiding the evidence so that Mom wouldn't know that I'd been bad.

Wouldn't you know it though, she left Mom a note:

"Someone got into the trash! I picked it up and put it in the bathroom. Nice warm walk; lots of fresh water and a treat."

Darn the luck!