Bitty Hats

IMG_4634I've hit the part of winter where I crave a pair of knitting needles in my hand the same way I crave a latte or a bowl of warm cream of tomato soup.  The knitting "prize closet" is getting quite full, indeed!

But, trying to be practical, this last weekend I cast-on a few tiny hats for some babes in utero, too.

The little stripe-y hat is part Malabrigo Rios, part Luna Grey Supernova, in a pattern I improvised.  (Cast-on 92, rib for a little, knit for a little more, decrease.)  I love how thrifty it makes me feel to work from my stash of scraps.

The "KU" hat is my second-ever attempt at colorwork.  I hope no one ever really looks at the inside, but outwardly I think it makes me look like I really know how to knit.  Actually, the pattern is really clever--you can put any letters on it that you want, including the baby's name.  Definitely one to keep in your back pocket for when you need something sweet and easy.