Double Malts



"Wait...'Babies??!?'" I quizzically responded to my college roommate's online photo of her ever-so-slightly protruding belly.  Congratulations were clearly in order, but--at the same time--I wondered if she had made the word plural when she had meant to make it possessive.

As it turned out, her grammar was perfect.  There were, indeed, two small boys in her tiny tummy.

Which, of course, called for two knitted blankets to go with.  Thank goodness I am now part of a knitting power-couple.

Sweet Husband took up the grey yarn; I chose the blue.  The pattern is called "Malt" by Tin Can Knits.  I picked it because I loved the modern, off-center square of garter stitch, but I also ended up enjoying the meditative simplicity.  (I had trouble focusing on complicated patterns before I had kids, now I rarely even try.)  I think Sweet Husband was a little bored by the end, though, so maybe next time I'll have to push myself to a feather-and-fan.

Said blankets were delivered at my friend's beautiful shower this weekend, and the babies to wrap them around are due to make an appearance late next month.  I can't wait to meet the boys and see what a sweet mama and papa she and her hubby are going to be!