I Dream of Harry

It's true, I do.  Not all the time, just every so often.  Usually they're very nonsensical dreams--stuff the doesn't really make any sense at all.  But the real magic happens when I wake up.  I don't know what it is, but whenever I have a Harry dream I wake up and have all kinds of new thoughts about the books.  It's like the dreams--silly as they are--knock something loose that's been simmering in my subconscious and allow it to float to the surface.

For instance, last night's dream. . .

. . . started out with Harry and Hermione fighting Voldemort.  They were loosing, but Voldemort kept kind of playing with them rather than killing them.  Finally, Hermione said, "This isn't right, this can't be Voldemort."  "Voldemort" then morphed into Draco, who informed H and H that Voldemort wanted to see them back at his headquarters.  Kind of a "come face him if you dare" sort of thing.

Harry took this information back to Tonks and some other vague unnamed aurors, who then told Harry that he was going to be in for a shock--Dumbledore was not dead.  He was alive, and strangely enough he looked like Patrick Stewart (or rather, like Captain Jean-Luc Picard).  But, the events on the astronomy tower had taken their toll, and Dumbledore had a horrible heart condition that left him unable to fight Voldemort any longer.

So between Harry and the aurors they hatched a plan wherein Dumbledore would show up at Voldey's HQ and ring the doorbell.  Dumbledore would then quickly be driven away by Hermione, and the aurors and Harry would sneak in while Voldey was distracted.  So Dumbledore went up to the main door, did some bit of magic, and then quickly hopped into Hermione's waiting car and began to have a heart attack.  Just before I woke up, a frantic Hermione told Dumbledore, "Just so you know Professor, I've never really learned how to drive."

Silly? Yes. 

First of all, as we all sadly now know, Dumbledore is dead.  And really, if JK brought him back only to have him die a few hundred pages later--of a heart attack, no less--it would make for a very, very crappy story.

But, on waking I had two thoughts . . . .

  1. Even if Voldemort is a hugely powerful wizard, assuming all his horcruxes were gone, wouldn't a sheer, huge number of wizards (possibly lead by Harry) be able to take him still?  After all that's why he hides, right?  If the Ministry knew where to find him they could just send tons and tons of aurors and overpower him.  So maybe Harry needs to find Voldey's hideout.
  2. I don't even know where this came from, but I love it!  Jo has said that she values bravery above all other qualities.  Wouldn't it be a very interesting commentary on bravery if we (the readers) found out that Snape was good, but Harry never does?  Leaving us to contrast Snape's silent bravery with Harry's more conventional "charge in and shoot 'em up" brand of courage.