Proud Parent of a Dock Divin' Dog

Dsc03056 There was a dock diving contest at Cabela's in KC today, so we decided to take Moe--just to see what he would do.

We did a practice jump first.  As you can see, it took a little encouragement to get him to jump.  It's against Dock Dogs rules, but otherwise it would have been very tempting to give him a nudge!  Fortunately, he eventually decided to go on his own, and after that the difficulty was getting him out of the water.

We got two "competition" jumps.  I put him in a sit-stay just a little ways back from the edge.  (I was actually just thrilled that he did that, with all of the distraction!)  When I released him he ran up to the edge really well, but both times he paused for just half a second at the end of the dock before jumping.  He went 4'6" the first time, and 6'6" the second time; not as far as the Labs were going certainly, but still very respectable, I thought, considering he was half the size and it was his first time.

As I said, the real challenge was getting him out of the water.  Once he was in, all he wanted to do was go for a swim!  Between me, Sweet Husband and the Water Wrangler we were able to splash enough to attract him and grab his collar.

Moe really had a lot of fun, and so did we.  I've uploaded a few more pictures here.