Moe Speaks: Dock Divin' Dog

I got to do something really fun today!

There was a dock diving contest near our house, so Mom said we could go try it out. I thought it sounded like fun--water is my thing, in case you're new here.

When we got up on the dock for our practice jump, I wasn't sure if I wanted to get in the water or not. The dock was a little higher than I thought it would be--it made the water seem really far away. 

Then Mom threw my Squeaky in! I barked and barked for my Squeaky to come back--I was so worried about him! Mom got down on her knees and splashed her hand in the water to show me it was ok, but I still wasn't sure.

I was a whole mix of emotions all at once! I wanted to be in the water. I had to save my Squeaky. And I certainly couldn't let down all my fellow terriers by being a coward in front of all of those Labs. I got as close to the edge of the dock as I could, counted to three, and took a flying leap.

It was great! I liked the water so much that I kind of forgot about my Squeaky, and I definitely didn't want to get out when Mom grabbed my collar and said it was time.

Fortunately, I got to go two more times. Each time Mom made me sit-stay back a little ways from the edge. Then she said "Ok" as she threw my Squeaky in. I feel a little bad admitting it, but I was still a little nervous. I ran to the edge of the dock each time, but I had to pause for just half a second at the end to sum up the courage to jump. 

Mom didn't seem to mind though, she said I did very respectably considering that it was my first time and I was half the size of all the other dogs. I jumped 4' 6" the first time, and 6' 6" the second time. That means I earned one leg on my Novice Jumper title.

I hope we get to do that again sometime soon. Now that I have the hang of it, I think I could be great!