Moe Speaks: This Means War

Grandpa from California and Grandma-Great came to have dinner at our house on Saturday. Before we ate, all of us (Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma-Great, Porter, and I) went to the dog park for awhile. I got into a little trouble for trying to hump a Schnauzer, but otherwise we had an awesome time.

The problems started the next morning. I woke up with horribly gooky eyes--and ITCHY! I haven't been so itchy ever before! Mom was really worried about me, and couldn't figure out what had set me off. Then Dad reminded her that I'd done lots of playing in the tall grass. Ah hah!

After lots of my spray from the vet and an extra Benadryll I finally got to sleep last night, but this morning Mom discovered that I'd really scratched open the spot on my neck (yeah, the one that was just starting to heal).

So today, we declared war on my itchy skin. I got a super long soak in my oatmeal shampoo, which wasn't so bad. Then Mom doctored up my neck (not fun) and hosed me down with my spray. Last we put on the e-collar--again, not fun.

But if it helps with my itchies, I'll do anything . . . .