Moe Speaks: The Pooch Plunge

I could tell something was up when Mom came home from work. She ran upstairs and changed really fast. Then she gathered together a big pile of towels and my lifejacket. And she didn't feed us dinner...very troubling.

But then, when Dad got home, we went to the pool! Turns out yesterday was the last day the human pool was open for humans, and before they drain it out tommorrow they decided to have a day when dogs could swim.

There were so many dogs there! Mom made the mistake of waiting until I could see the pool to put my lifejacket on. I wiggled so much she almost couldn't snap the snaps--I was ready to go! 

I jumped into the deep end first, but Mom pulled me out pretty quickly. It's too bad my life jacket has that handle on the back.

After that we went to the area where the small humans play. It was still too deep for me to touch, but Mom could get in there and wade around with me. She splashed the water for me to catch, and I went after all the tennis balls and frisbees that people were throwing. It was the greatest--I could have stayed and swam forever!

Unfortunately, Porter wasn't having a good time so we had to go home. That and Mom said that, if I were a human, my lips would be turning blue--whatever that means. 

I wonder why they don't let dogs in the pool everyday?