Some days I think I'm a geek...

...and some days I know I am.

Like this morning, when I got a huge thrill upon reading Jo's comments regarding the fact that Voldemort was voted the number one literary villain in the Big Bad Read poll:

"I am thrilled and honoured beyond words that Lord Voldemort has been voted best villain in the Big Bad Read poll. I am not sure how he would react to knowing that he had won a Muggles' unpopularity poll. A mixture of pleasure that you recognised his power and menace, coupled with fury at your nerve at mentioning his real name, I think. His author, however, is absolutely delighted.

I am sorry not to be there in person to join your celebration of literary evil, but Lord Voldemort requires my constant presence at the moment, as his Dark plans are unfolding in all their grisly glory. I hope those of you who voted for him in the Big Bad Read enjoy reading about him in book seven, where he finally gets the legroom for which he has been aching during all those years in exile."

Voldey's plans don't usually unfold "in all their grisly glory" until pretty darn near the end of the book!  Could this mean she's getting close to finished?